Christian Picture Books

for kids
The Bina series are ideal books for families, Sunday schools 

and Christian institutions.

The Bina Series

Thanks to the truths taught in the book series How Bina Became God’s Friend, Christian mothers and fathers can now be proactive in passing their beliefs to the next generation. They can join the little ones in their life on a step-by-step journey into a personal relationship with their heavenly Fa-ther.

Parents, churches, and Christian schools hoping to help children grow in their faith will find this book a must-have for their library. Godly leaders will appreciate the scriptures provided by the author to support the sound biblical teaching found on each page.

Children will love Maria T. Nagel’s heartwarming illustrations, and they will never forget how the life changing message taught in How Bina Became God’s Friend helped them discover their own deep friendship with God.

These faith-based children’s picture books 
will capture the hearts of children for their Creator.

All books include

heartwarming illustrations by Maria T. Nagel

uplifting Bible verses

inspirational quotes

Book One: LOVED

4 Ways to have and maintain a friendship with God:

1. Get to know God.
2. Spend time with God.
3. Talk to God.
4. Listen to God.
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Book Two: CHOSEN

4 Ways to have and maintain a friendship with God:

1. Find out what God likes.
2. Do what God likes.
3. Love God with all your heart.
4. Fall in love with Jesus.
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Book Three: ROYAL

5 Ways to have and maintain a friendship with God:

1. Trust God.
2. Be Happy.
3. Make God smile.
4. Sing for God.
5. Dance for God.
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Other Books

written and illustrated by Maria T. Nagel


Maria T. Nagel (pronounced NAHG-EL) is the Author and illustrator of the Bina book series.

Originally from Cameroon, Maria T. Nagel is the daughter of the former UN Diplomat Joseph Hebga and the niece of the late African ethnologist, Author and priest Father Meinrad Pierre Hebga (Wiki Link).

Maria studied Mass Communication in Montpellier, France and Louisville Kentucky and has a Four language-Diploma in French/English/Brazilian Portuguese/Mandarin from Berlitz Vienna.

Maria lived in Congo, France, the U.S.A, the U.K. and Taiwan. She now lives with her family in Vienna, Austria.

Maria’s life was changed forever when she became a born again Christian in 2013. Since then her vibrant faith has shown up in everything she does.

2013: Maria became a Christian believer and follower of Jesus Christ.
2015: Missionary work: Maria created music videos and Christian songs for kids in English and Ta-galog. She then had 500 copies of these videos made and went by herself to Manila, Philippines to distribute them to schools, kindergartens, orphanages and various Christian organisations.
2015 Missionary work: Maria made a CD with Gospel songs and spoken Bible verses in Mandarin. She had over 200 copies made and went by herself to Shanghai, China to distributed them free of charge. The majority of the CDs were given to prostitutes and people working in Shanghai’s red light district.
2016 Maria invented NIUVOX: a revolutionary language learning tool, for refugees in German/Arabic and German/Farsi. (
2017 Maria created a platform for Persian-speaking individuals who wish to know more about the Christian faith. (
2017 Maria created over 50 Christian educational videos on YouTube in English, Mandarin, Arabic and Persian/Farsi.(Youtube)
2018 Maria created a suicide prevention platform (
2019 Maria wrote, illustrated and self-published her first Christian picture books for kids. The books are available in over 15 languages.
To God be the glory!